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Clinical Counselor: Individual and Relationship Therapist
Certified Internal Family System Therapist

I invite you to call me today if you are in need of an English speaking counselor.
You will find me working in Stockholm Sweden on Södermalm as an English Speaking individual and couple therapist. One of the reasons I choose to live and work in Sweden is because I am married to a Swedish man and have a Swedish and American son..

Know that even though you are far from your native country you can have the services of a qualified English speaking clinical counselor to support, guide and provide you with psychological services in individual, marriage, and couple counseling as well as parent consultations on issues related to childhood problems. .

Often as we meet the challenges of living in a different culture, country, or intercultural relationship we can experience deep feelings of confusion, anxiety, even sadness, loneliness and grief. When this happens the quality of our lives diminish and we can often believe our choices are more limited than in reality..

Counseling and psychotherapy provided by a competent, English speaking counselor could be exactly what you need to help you gain insight into your personal problems. With this insight you may be able to discover new solutions and then be able to make choices that will enhance your relationships and life..

Participating in psychotherapy is hard work and the risk involved is that you will change, but these changes often bring about richer contact with others and a positive outlook on living..

If you are experiencing what seems like insurmountable obstacles, feel depressed, confused, sad or just blue consider calling and meeting with an English speaking counselor today to discuss with me if counseling and therapy might be the right choice for you or your relationship..

The world is a community where we are meant to seek each other out for support and learn from each other. If you find yourself struggling with obstacles in your life than be encouraged to seek counseling..

I am licensed in the United States as an Independent Marriage and Family Therapist, a School Psychologist and a Clinical Counselor. I have more than 20 years experience providing counseling and psychotherapy services to individuals, couples, families, and children. Besides earning a doctoral degree in counseling I have also complete a six year training program with the Gestalt Institute in Cleveland, Ohio..